Through the Woods EP

by Riverfox

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released December 31, 2011

Lyrics by Nick Catka and Ross Johnston.
Music by Nick Catka, Chris Norton, and Brendan Dambro.
Engineered and Mixed by Patrick Loundas.
Produced by Riverfox and Patrick Loundas.
Mastered by Brendan Dambro.



all rights reserved


Riverfox West Chester, Pennsylvania

Mathy-Emo filled Post-Hardcore from the Philadelphia area.

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Track Name: A Home
I came home last night to find another family in my house/
we felt like strays as they spent their days and saw their own ups and downs/
under a roof that once sheltered mine/
to think we once had it all, the friends, the time,/
the woods we used to explore,/
the quiet creek who now holds out a roar

We were never what we said we were/
But are things ever what they seem?/
We may have rowed our boats/
but that doesnt mean/
that life is but a dream.

I came home today to a house I thought dead.
But it still lives.

We were never what we said we were.

The walls developed lungs and breathed life into this machination/
The pipes transported blood while we were all off on vacation/
The windows saw the sun with eyes that died when we replaced them/
The floorboards spoke in creaks while we were all asleep and/
The spiders underneath would weave a new web every weekend/
We cast our sails, our dreams prevailed and rowed our boats right off the deep end.

Right off the deep end.
Track Name: Away From Home
We threw sand in the dark and created stars/
laid a path out before us to walk to the car/
the light struck your hair as it tangled with mine/
keeping you close as we drove to the/
end of the earth, but first waved goodbye/
to the swing on your front porch and old chairs on mine/
your garden of roses, my siding of vines/
that at first hugged my home but then wandered inside/

said farewell to our goodbyes and brushed them aside/
we were always waiting/
always watching/
always searching for something that might/
change reality/
change our lives/
but when it came we were too busy/
always waiting/
always watching/
always searching for something we’d seen but didn’t recognize.

We rode off in the night and set sights for the west/
As we lucidly dreamt and we consciously slept/
The hours were minutes, the minutes were days/
Time melted away as we drove to the/
end of the earth, as we watched the sun rise/
in the rear view mirror while our lives passed by/
your garden of roses, my siding of vines/
were now worlds away. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

We swam through the ocean and wandered the globe/
we drove through the valleys in rain shine and snow/

Came upon the edge where all life seemed to end/
Where no one had dared to see what came next/
We looked to the east, laid our fears to rest/
And we leapt.